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Hawaii volcanism

Hawaii volcanism and natural hazards

Lava entering seaHawaiian volcanism and impacts

I am back from Hawaii, where I have been recording the volcanic activity there and investigating tsunami responses and monitoring, and looking at case studies.

Tsunami evacuation signOn my first visit here, I participated in sampling molten lava from lava lakes and bring those samples with me for the audience to experience. My most recent visit saw me exploring shield volcanoes, lava tubes, lava flows and the tsunami alert system and areas that have been destroyed by tsunami. Impacts and adaptation to natural hazard can be seen everywhere and are captured in images and video. While an anomaly to the normal plate tectonic system, Hawaii nevertheless gives us great insights into other parts of the world.

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"David was inspiring and informative throughout. He fully engaged all our students and whilst he was able to link his talks to the curriculum, it was his amazing stories of his life travels that captivated both them and their parents. I had the pleasure of sitting in all seven of David's talks throughout the day and can honestly say that I feel fully nourished as a geographer. Great value for money and a chance for the students to hear from a real life geographer! I will definitely be inviting him back next year!"
Paul Laird, Head of Geography, Ian Ramsey CE Academy

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