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A small selection here:

Hawaii guest speaker
Hawaiian volcanoes
Botswana guest speaker
Lions, elephants and overcoming racism
Volcano guest speaker
Surviving a volcanic eruption
Antarctic guest speaker
Exploring Antarctica
Pompeii Vesuvius Italy guest speaker
Pompeii and Vesuvius
Renewable energy guest speaker
Renewable energy
Sustainability guest speaker
Living sustainably with the environment
Nature conservation guest speaker
Nature conservation
Climate change guest speaker
Climate change
Iceland volcanoes guest speaker
Iceland: volcanoes, ice and amazing landscapes

A guest speaker who has...

David Edwards, guest speakerTaught environmental courses at university for many years * Collected molten lava * Been charged by an elephant * Smuggled into a country without a passport * Carried water in the Kalahari Desert * Broken both legs mountain climbing and self rescued * Survived a volcanic eruption * Worked as a ranger in the Grand Canyon * Caught snakes with his bare hands * Witnessed emergency evacuations * Advised hundreds of expeditions around the world

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"As we pay our speakers for their presentations, it is rare for me to write and thank them. In fact this is only the second occasion I have written in my ten-year tenure as programme secretary, and believe me, we've had some excellent speakers. An unprecedented number of our members commented to me on the all round excellence of your presentation. I feel sure it won't be long before we are welcoming you once again - the members will make sure of that!"
Ed Milius, Heaton Chapel Literary & Philosophical Society

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