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Antarctica speaker and travel lecturer

Antarctica speaker and travel lecturer

Point Charcot, Antarctica'Antarctic dreams'  talk

David has recently returned from a geology expedition to Antarctica, based on an old Russian spy ship. Accompanied by some of the region's top explorers, and Antarctic and climate scientists, David immersed himself in this beautiful, thought provoking and precious wilderness. As well as capturing stunning images of the landscape and wildlife, he also retraced part of Shackleton's epic journey across South Georgia.

Antarctic ice tunnelAntarctica has gripped our imagination for hundreds of years and in this talk David explores why it is still important and relevant today.  It is a touchstone of environmental change and can tell us much about our past...and our future. Geology, climate, wildlife and personal sacrifice come together in this landscape which has inspired artists, scientists, explorers and naturalists for generations.

“We all greatly enjoyed your visit and excellent lecture. We have been having lecture series for a number of years but one of our members said to me after your lecture - 'This is the best we have had!' Our good wishes...”
David Morris, Richmond Civic Society

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